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Lost photos on the road between image Capture and iPhoto

Dear Gary

I’ve had some photos taken on a trip. When I got home and turned on my iMac, I connected my iPhone which immediately launched image capture. Then I told image capture to export the photos to iPhoto and delete the photos on my iPhone. iPhoto launched but nothing happened for a long time. after about 20 minutes I stopped the process and it seems that 60 photos’ve been lost from my iPhone, but does not appear in iPhoto. Can You help me find where the unimported photos can be?

With big thanks


— Orgovanyi Attila

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    10 years ago

    I’ve never tried to import photos through Image Capture to iPhoto. What is the advantage to having it set up that way?
    If they are not showing up in Image Capture, and they are not showing up in iPhoto, and they are not showing up on the iPhone, then they may be gone.
    I’m not aware of any place that they would be stored. It might be worth it to search your drive for any images created on that date and see what comes up. But I wouldn’t expect to find anything.
    In the future, I would just import directly into iPhoto and not use Image Capture at all. I only use Image Capture if I want to get photos off a camera and NOT have the in my iPhoto collection — like shots taken for MacMost or other professional reasons.

    10 years ago

    I believe when one first opens Image Capture the default setting (a check box near the lower, left-hand corner) is to delete image files from the device after importation. But I cannot imagine Image Capture deleting the images from your iPhone without first having imported them, which is, after all, the entire reason for Image Captures existence.

    Beyond that, I agree with Gary – they should be somewhere and perhaps a search is in order.

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