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Gary, how do you find the MAC Address for aMacintosh computer?

— Rick Torchia

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    2/23/10 @ 2:28 pm

    FYI — for everyone else — The “MAC” address is the Media Access Control address of your computer or device’s network hardware. It is a unique id for your computer. If you have a Mac with Airport and Ethernet, you have a unique IP address for both of those. It is useful for things like granting access to only specific computers on a network, or figuring out which device is yours on a network.

    Go to System Preferences, Network, select your Ethernet or AirPort connection on the left, press the Advanced Button on the right. Go to the “Ethernet” tab (last one on the right) and it is the “Ethernet ID.”

    You can also run System Profiler (Apple menu with Option key held down, choose System Profiler). Then look under Network, Locations. It is listed as Hardware (MAC) Address — there is a different one for Ethernet, Firewire and Airport.

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