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Greetings from Vancouver Gary!

I currently have a Macbook and Iphone that I regularly sync. I also use a task manager / GTD program called THINGS that I sync with them.

I would like to get an iMAC as well. How would I go about syncing all 3 devices (I understand that MobileMe can help with things like calendar, contacts etc) but I would like to be able to sync all things like itunes music, documents etc.

Any feedback you can provide would be appreciated.


— Pat

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    6/19/10 @ 11:49 am

    MobileMe is a good start. But music and documents is tough. An iPhone only syncs with one Mac. So choose your main Mac and sync with that. You can’t sync it with another at the same time.
    Syncing documents is troublesome. You end up having multiple copies of documents and it is hard to figure out which is more up-to-date. Better to have a main Mac and share files from it. So if you need to access a file on one, you do it through file sharing and know that the document is in one place and it is the real document, not a copy. Use iDisk (part of MobileMe) if you like as well.

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