Forum Question: Mac HDs vs. (DELL) PC HDs?!

Hey guys, before I submerge my toes into Mac-waters, I was wondering if anyone could tell me how hard drives substantially differ between Macs and PCs, in general (for the functionally computer illiterate). You see, I have never had any problems with my HDs before I bought my most recent PC. Back in 1999 or early 2000 I bought my first PC from DELL, and it didn’t give me ANY of the grief that my new DELL PC has. My first DELL PC was a desk top and it lasted me a good ten years before it started to die on me, system by system (at that time it wouldn’t even allow me to open up a Word doc.!). But, my most recent PC — a DELL Inspiron 531S — has given me nothing but grief starting when it was a few months before its warranty expired: the HD had a fatal failure and took tons of my data with it (irreplaceable photos, for example; some are of my dog whose getting on in years). So, I called DELL and they ran some diagnostics and told me — incorrectly (which, later research confirmed was a pattern with DELL intended to keep them from having to pay for repairs of any kind!) — that it seemed like a software repair that wasn’t covered by my warranty! It only got worse shortly after its warranty had expired, and the screen would either freeze up or go black, so I called them again; they told me, this time, that it was to do with my hardware, but because my warranty was up, I would have to pay to speak with one of their diagnostitions before proceeding. That REALLY lit me up, so I reported DELL to the BBB which eventually succeeded in getting my HD replaced…they actually sent a guy out to service my PC. However, that current HD barely lasted more than 2 months before it began failing on me. So, this is why I am so concerned about how Mac HDs might be somehow similarly situated to the junky HDs employed by PCs in general. Heck, the ironic thing is that my brother (whose PC I am borrowing) has a DELL Dimension 3000 desktop fitted with Windows XP and (*knock on wood*) is has never had a problem with its HD…it’s only slightly older than my Inspiron. Has DELL, perhaps, just started selling crappy HDs within the past couple of years, because they seem to burn out quickly?! And, might I face the same issue when I purchase a MacMini later this month (it’s all I can afford)? This is really my only concern, because I have been hearing that the same cos. that make PC HDs also make Apple’s HDs! Given my previous experiences, I’m sure you can sympathize with my present trepidation.

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    9/1/11 @ 11:30 am

    Hard drives are the same between Macs and PCs.
    But there are different manufacturers, and newer models all the time. Chances are that a new Mac will have a very different type of hard disk than a PC from a few years back. But Macs will have the same hard drives as new PCs — of course the manufacturers might be different.
    One thing to consider is that thanks to the ease-of-use of Time Machine (get an external HD and back up to it) a hard drive failure can be each to overcome. Pop in a new drive and restore from the backup. That said, I haven’t had a hard drive failure on a computer (Mac or PC) in years — and I have a lot of computers.

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