Forum Question: Mac iMovie to Windows PowerPoint – – best way?

My wife has video currently residing on her SD card. From this point, she is hoping to be able to supply video clips to a none-too-computer-savvy friend who uses PowerPoint on Windows. This friend wants to be able to show individual clips on individual slides. Our question is, once my wife works with the video in her Mac’s iMovie and creates the individual clips, what format should my wife use to export them so that Windows PowerPoint will accept them? Quicktime? M4V? Thanks.
John Russell

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    9/3/11 @ 5:48 pm

    I would just export them from iMovie as normal. Depending on your quality level, you could end up with a .m4v or .mov file. Send them to the friend that way.
    It doesn’t so much depend on the friend as the friend’s computer whether that works. If it doesn’t, the first thing to try is to simply change the file name from .m4v or .mov to .mp4 — it is possible that a Windows machine or PowerPoint itself may not see that the files are really .mp4 files.
    If that fails, then exporting using custom settings, as an .mp4 file would be the next thing to do — use h264 compression.
    You may want to try a variety of exports and send them all on the SD card to see what works. Send him just a sample. Then figure out which one works and go with that.

    Peter White
    1/25/13 @ 9:20 pm

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