Forum Question: Mac Mail Frequently Times Out

Several times a day Mail will time out on outgoing mail. If I don’t see the blue flow bar in Mail Activity I click Window>Activity and Stop the out going msg. then I re-send by immediately clicking the Send icon and out it goes without hesitation. Question: Is the problem in Mail, or is the AT&T, DSL service just not there intermittently?

— John Forstall

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    9/2/10 @ 9:07 pm

    My gut feeling is that it isn’t Mail (the application). I don’t see that as likely. It is probably the connection between you and the mail server. Could be DSL (is AT&T your DSL provider?) or the server where you get your mail. Very hard to tell.

    John Forstall
    9/3/10 @ 5:10 pm

    Thank you for response.
    Yes AT&T DSL is the account that is just not always there.
    Getting it fixed may be a problem.

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