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Mac Mail stopped receiving Hotmail

Gary, I have been using Mail to receive my gmail and hotmail with no problems. In the last couple of days, hotmail was greyed out on Mail and would not “get mail”. Gmail is fine. I was able to open hotmail with Safari in the usual manner. I checked my settings/preferences in Mail and the password was blank when I checked. I entered it again and saved it as Mail instructed. Hotmail remains greyed out and will not “get mail” Perhaps this is not a Mac problem, but something going on with MSN. I read there were outages of some hotmail servers in the US (I am overseas in asia).
Mike Wheless

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    10 years ago

    Yes there was some sort of Hotmail outage. Maybe that triggered it.
    Did you Control+Click on your Hotmail inbox and see if the account is “offline” — you might see an option to “take the account online.”

    Michael Wheless
    10 years ago

    Unbelievable!! I pressed CTRL, clicked, and there was an option to go online. Whammo, my mail was back. Not even ten seconds passed.

    Before you gave me this succinct answer, I had check all sorts of websites, including Apple Support Communities. There were dozens of queries, responses and such, but NONE seemed to claim they had figured out how to resolve this problem. I was trying to figure out workarounds. I really like Mac Mail as a method to receive and screen my mail. I am so glad your common sense approach worked.

    If there is a lesson for me here, it is to look at the menus a bit more carefully. I can tell from your tutorials that you are willing to take chances and see what happens when various key combinations are tried. Works for me! Thanks once again Gary.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10 years ago

    I wrote about this sort of problem quite a while ago. I was receiving bulk email,and i was`t the only one. The last time i looked it was quite some time ago i had over 8000 emails. The tech guy said we do not support Macs or Safari,which i thought that was odd, because an assistant from PC World told me to get a Hotmail account years ago,about 2006. I had no problems at all then this problem arose in about 2010 or 2011. Hence you can tell by email now. It`s my ISP server.

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