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Mac Mini to a SDTV

Is this the correct and confirmed way to hook my Mac Mini to my Standard Definition TV?

1. Mini Displayport to VGA adapter
2. a third-party VGA to video adapter (with
composite and S-video out)
3. and a S-Video cable

The reason I`m asking is Mac Mini (2009) has a MiniDVI-D and not miniDVI-I as I tought. So I cant`t use my old MiniDVI-to-S-Viodeo adapter(I`ve been using this adapter with my old MacBook (black))

— Andrè

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    13 years ago

    I think until they come out with a Mini DisplayPort to standard video (or S-Video) that there isn't a "correct" way. If this works, then great. Hopefully we'll see a bunch of 3rd-party adapters for the Mini DisplayPort in the next few months.

    13 years ago

    Thank you for the reply...

    When i get all may cables and hooking Mac Mini to my tv, I will post a comment on how it works..(if at all)

    13 years ago

    IT WORKS...
    All I did was this:

    1. Bought a Mac Mini (2009)
    2. Bought a Mini DisplayPort-to-VGA
    3. Bought a VGA-Video Converter (in my case a Konig
    Computer CMP-TELVIEW1)
    4. Connecting all the cables (easy to do)
    5. Fire it up and enjoyed the pleasure of seeing MAC OSX
    on my tv

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