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Good morning:

I am a die hard mac user since the late 80s. I have an old G4 450 MHz and was thinking of upgrading but have found that parts are unfortunately almost obsolete. Thinking of upgrading to mac mini due to budgetary constraints and I hate the all in one feature of the IMAC. Have read conflicting opinions regarding mini. Any suggestions or advice?

— Dee

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    3/28/10 @ 10:17 pm

    I love the Mac mini as a computer. If you have a very limited budget I think it is a great machine to get. I think is is much much better than, for instance, buying an older used Mac. And it is perfect for someone who doesn’t like the all-in-one format of the iMac.
    So, what negatives of the mini are you concerned about? What did you read that made you hesitate?

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