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Mac misconception: New iMac(Aug 10) with Screen Burn In.

I bought a new iMac in August of last year, but I have noticed that there appear to be some screen burn in, I.E. it has some ghost text on the upper left hand side of the monitor, since I am out of my three months covered by Apple for AppleCare I was going to wait and get some AppleCAre before I took the computer to an local Apple Store.
I think you covered this in the video but I would just like to be sure, am I still covered as the iMac is under 6 months old?
P.S. Gary, Your are one of my first stops online for troubleshooting. Love the podcast.
Hugh Fraser

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    10 years ago

    The initial period should be for a year. But I wouldn’t wait. If you have an issue and want to get it resolved I would take it in to the store ASAP.

    Hugh Fraser
    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary,
    It’ll have to be after the holiday, not sure if you celebrate Easter in the US as we do in the UK, it’s a public holiday here so most shops shut for it.

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