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Mac misconception: New iMac(Aug 10) with Screen Burn In.

I bought a new iMac in August of last year, but I have noticed that there appear to be some screen burn in, I.E. it has some ghost text on the upper left hand side of the monitor, since I am out of my three months covered by Apple for AppleCare I was going to wait and get some AppleCAre before I took the computer to an local Apple Store.
I think you covered this in the video but I would just like to be sure, am I still covered as the iMac is under 6 months old?
P.S. Gary, Your are one of my first stops online for troubleshooting. Love the podcast.
Hugh Fraser

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    9 years ago

    The initial period should be for a year. But I wouldn’t wait. If you have an issue and want to get it resolved I would take it in to the store ASAP.

    Hugh Fraser
    9 years ago

    Thanks Gary,
    It’ll have to be after the holiday, not sure if you celebrate Easter in the US as we do in the UK, it’s a public holiday here so most shops shut for it.

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