Forum Question: Mac OS X’s “Drop Box” Folder

Hey Gary could you remind me what it is that Mac OS X’s “Dropbox” folder is useful for?

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    8/1/11 @ 8:08 am

    The Drop Box folder instead the Public folder inside the user folder is for receiving files.
    You can turn on file sharing, but not give others specific permissions to connect to your account. So they can only connect as a “guest” to your account. This is the default.
    So they can then connect, but only see the files inside the Public folder. They can copy those files to their computer if they wish, but they cannot alter them or delete them. They can’t add anything to the Public folder either. Most importantly, they can’t go “up” from the Public Folder and see anything on the rest of your account or drive.
    They can drag and drop something into the Drop Box folder. They can’t see the results, alter it later on, or delete anything in there. They can’t actually view the Drop Box folder, only contribute to it. So multiple people can put something in there without knowing what is already there.
    Using the Public folder and the Drop Box folder inside it, you can make file available to others and receive files from others in a relatively secure way.

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