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Hi there. I am new to Apple and I am not sure what the best set up and settings are for my system. I have a Apple tv in the living room with a Belkin 802.11n wireless router, an imac up stairs, 2TB time machine airpot express, mac book pro and an iphone. The only things I can’t move are the Apple tv, Imac and the Belkin router. Any advice would be great

— Ben Miles

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    5/2/10 @ 9:31 am

    What advice were you looking for? Which settings are you unsure about?

      Ben Miles
      5/2/10 @ 10:15 am

      Hi there Garry. I am not sure the best way to use the Belkin router with the Airport express, Time machine and the Apple tv (with atv flash)

        5/2/10 @ 10:46 am

        You wouldn’t need to use both. Just use the Belkin router.

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