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MacBook Battery and Moving Your MacBook When Fully Charged

Hello Gary,

I own a MAcbook 13 Unibody. I had a query regarding using the battery. Sometimes when I’m working with the power cord and it’s full charged on green, i need to shift rooms…sometimes takes 10-15 secs, sometimes more. In such a situation, when I replug the power cord, it may show 100% or 99%, depending. Is it ok replug it nce you’ve unplugged and let it suck some small amt of batteyr power up? I noticed couple of times that hours later, the bar shows 99% despite green light.

What exactly are the do’s and don’ts of replugging the power cord once full charged? Forums talk of 50% and 95% but I’m confused. Pleas help…sorry for the long post.

— Andrew

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    10 years ago

    Here’s my advice: Don’t worry about it.
    You MacBook and battery will take care of itself. Lots of programming and work went in to having the battery work in normal situations by normal people. You don’t have to do anything special.
    Unplugging the MacBook for a minute while changing rooms is fine. Seeing 99% instead of 100% is fine (they are estimates anyway).
    Sure, if you learned all you could about battery technology, and did all you could to optimize your use of the battery, then you might be able to squeeze out an extra 1% of life from the battery. But would that be worth all the time and effort?
    Just use your MacBook for what you need to use it for, where you need to use it.

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