Forum Question: Macbook Pro Battery Problem

Hi Gary,

I have problems starting up my macbook pro with battery pack after using a firewire 800/400 adaptor on it to transfer my movie files from a digital video camera (i only have the firewire 400 wire).

I don’t have any problems booting up my macbook pro with power adaptor.
However, whenever I boot up, the time for my computer seems to stop running and I have to change it manually. On top of this, the general settings (eg: Wifi) have to be reconfigured.
It’s really bothering me because I still see 30% of my battery life when I reach the System Preferences but my status bar states that the battery isn’t charging at all.

How do I rectify this situation?

— Sam Yew

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    1/23/10 @ 8:30 am

    It sounds like there is a problem with the battery. It happens. If it is still under warranty, take it in. If not, you may just need to get a new battery.

    Sam Yew
    1/28/10 @ 8:23 am

    Hey, thanks Gary. I sent it to Apple and they said the wire connections were loose.
    That kinda explains why the Macbook Pro can’t detect the battery.

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