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Hello Gary
regarding charging my macbook pro, what i do is always leave it until it is almost done and then charge it. but when i charge it do u think it is okey to keep it connected to the charger after it is charged completely or will the battery get effected negatively if i did that?


— Hassan

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    2/28/10 @ 4:16 pm

    Leaving it plugged in after the battery is full will definitely do no harm. In fact, it is better to do it that way since the battery won’t drain.
    I think it is always a good idea to forget about all this battery optimization stuff. Even if you follow every piece of advice out there, you would only extend your battery by 1 or 2 percent or something. Your MacBook is a tool for you to use, not a tool that uses you. It isn’t worth all the extra worry effort. Just let your MacBook’s hardware and software manage the battery, and you get the most from your Mac!

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