Forum Question: MacBook Pro heating up like crazy

I have a MacBook Pro purchased in December 09. The last two weeks I’ve been having problems with it A) Heating up to the point where you can’t really have your wrists on the keyboard and B) Where it isn’t going to sleep properly so I go to open it up again it is really hot and has burned the battery down . How should I proceed to fix this problem?

— Todd Peperkorn

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    3/21/10 @ 2:26 pm

    Sounds like something is running that shouldn’t. I’d start by using Activity Monitor — especially when it gets very hot. Find out what is using the processor during those times. I’ll bet that it is the same problem that is keeping it from going to sleep.

    Gary McNeil
    3/21/10 @ 6:52 pm

    You just bought it at the end of last year. Take it to the apple store. I can see the thing getting worm but not to the point of where you can’t touch it. Use smc fan control to see if the fans are running and if they aren’t turn them on.

    Todd Peperkorn
    3/22/10 @ 11:15 am

    That’s the thing, the fans are running. Usually between 5800-6200 rpm. But it is still getting hot. And I have been watching the Activity Monitor. There is nothing out of the ordinary when this is going on or anything that’s taking up more than 40% of one CPU.

      3/22/10 @ 11:17 am

      The MacBook Pros do get hot. The question is, is yours hotter than it should be. I’d follow the other Gary’s suggestion and have it looked at by Apple.

    Gary McNeil
    3/23/10 @ 11:00 am

    Exactly what are the temps running at.

    3/23/10 @ 5:27 pm

    For the record, my 17″ heats up to over 110°C (230°F) when crunching lots of data (e.g. converting h.264 video). I found that switching to the small graphics chip when doing this kind of task really helps the laptop stay cool. Strange thing is, when using the big graphics card for what it’s meant to do (gaming), the CPU doesn’t heat up that much. I’ve heard that the problem is the MBPs have too much or too little thermal grease between the CPU and the heat sink. Some also say that the aluminium encasing is supposed to get hot because it is designed to help in the process of cooling the laptop’s internals, and that’s why you can cook eggs and bacon on your Mac …
    Hope this reassures you, you’re not alone ;-)

    5/10/10 @ 6:44 am

    I’m having the same problem with my late 2007 MacBook Pro 15″. I took it to the Apple Store, the Geniuses ran diagnostics on it and couldn’t find anything wrong with it.

    It’s on its 3rd battery, 3rd logic board. And the fans, which spin at the regular 2,000 RPM after startup, soon speed up to 3,500, even 6,000 at times, and only go down to 2,500 later – the new resting state.

    AppleCare runs out in November, and I’m a little worried.

      5/10/10 @ 7:02 am

      3 batteries in 3 years isn’t unusual for a 2007 MacBook Pro. Especially if you use the battery almost daily. But 3 logic boards is unusual, very. Fans going faster during startup isn’t unusual either, but I never start mine up — I let it sleep. I rarely ever shut it down. 2500 normal fan speed isn’t too bad.

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