Forum Question: Macbook Pro keyboard and trackpad freezes

Hi Gary, I have a Macbook pro (bought Autumn 2008, Intel 2.4Ghz, running OS 10.5.8) with an aluminum keyboard and have intermittent and random freezes on the trackpad/keyboard. Here in Singapore the apple service provider couldn’t help as there are no details of any problems when they checked the activity monitor logs and as the problem is random it’s impossible to replicate. I have looked on line and tried using a tape solution to the “exposed” cables under the battery and this has some improvement ( it’s not perfect. I have also tried downloading all the latest firmware updates as well as all the other general updates from Apple – though it usually states that the update isn’t necessary for my computer.
I love the Mac, made the switch 3 years ago, but this bug?hardware problem? frustrates the hell out of me…I really enjoy your podcast and it seems you know more than most about the Mac and I just wonder if you have any suggestions please?

— Rupert

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    1/31/10 @ 10:56 am

    Impossible to tell from here what the problem will be. It is not normal. I would rule out software problems by backup up (maybe in 2 places) everything and installing a fresh system with no additional software or anything. Basically, restore it to its original state. If it still happens, then it is a hardware issue that must be repaired. Send it in to Apple if you need to.
    If it doesn’t happen, then you know it is some piece of software or a driver that you installed.
    Maybe before doing any of that, check your Login items and other software and get rid of anything suspect (see episode 349).

      2/1/10 @ 10:51 pm

      Thank you!

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