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I have a 24 inch Apple LED Cinema Display that I use with my MBP, and my mother gave me her old dell moniter with a VGA output, how can I hook them both up with my MBP, so that I have both displays and my MBP Screen?

— Will

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    8/12/10 @ 2:47 pm

    You can do it, but not without some adapters and some disadvantages. The MBP is really meant for either just the single internal display, or that plus a second monitor like you have it now. If you want to expand beyond that there are some options to use your Express PCI slot (if you have a 17-inch MBP) or USB if you buy special hardware. But USB isn’t mean for video, so it is slow.
    If it is an old VGA monitor, then it will probably cost more than the monitor is worth to try to use it.

    8/12/10 @ 3:40 pm

    What about an adapter from one male mini dp to two female mini db, they must exist, but I cant find them anywhere! What should I do for a 13 inch MBP?

      8/12/10 @ 6:01 pm

      A cable won’t do it. It is a far more complex thing than that. You need to have a video chipset in the computer or as part of a peripheral that “runs” the display. The one already in your MBP is built to run one or two (internal plus one external). To add a third display you need to add another video “card” that can run that third display — like a USB video device or an Express PCI card meant for this exact thing.

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