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MacBook turns on by itself

Hi, I have a MacBook (late-2008) which is running Snow Leopard. Recently it has been turning on by itself. I have tried re-setting the SMC and re-installed the OS. Could it be due to my new Magic Trackpad?

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    10 years ago

    Do you mean it is booting up by itself? Or do you mean it is waking up by itself?
    The first would be very strange. But the second would be a common problem. Lots of settings and devices will wake up a sleeping Mac.
    The Magic Trackpad could be the issue. Also, anything connected via USB or bluetooth. Also, there is a setting for having a network activity wake it up, but that is less likely.
    Simply try putting your MacBook to sleep and make sure the Magic Trackpad is turned off. If it doesn’t happen then, you know what the problem is.

      10 years ago

      Thanks for the quick response. Yes, the Macbook boots up itself even after I have “shutdown” the machine.

      I have tried “Repair Disk”, checked that the System Preference is not set to wake up, re-installed Snow Leopard, switched-off Magic Trackpad completely, unplugged all USB devices, and yet it is still happening. Could it be hardware issue?

      Appreciate your insight.

        10 years ago

        Hard to say. I’d take the machine in to the Genius Bar and have them look. Sometimes there is no substitute for first-hand help.

    10 years ago

    your machine may be scheduled to “wake up”. You can check this under Preferences / Energy Saver / Schedule / Start up or Wake

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