Forum Question: MacBook (White) Battery | Using an external “passport” style hard drive

Hi Gary,

I am starting to think my MacBook battery will need replacing this year. Do you have any recommendations for purchasing a new battery? I see that through Apple is is quite a hefty price. I am assuming the ones I see on Amazon would work fine, but I was hopping for your opinion.

Secondly I am considering using a portable hard drive for my MB to hold music/pics/video. If I store these separately will freeing up my HD help to speed up my MB? It is a 160 GB HD with about 45 GB free. I am starting to use Garageband a lot more and I am seeing that it takes a lot of processing power to run it smoothly.

Thanks for everything Gary. Do you ever make it to the Midwest for computer conferences?


— Jason

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    1/31/10 @ 12:51 pm

    I’ve found you usually get what you pay for in batteries. I buy from Amazon for cheaper prices and faster delivery. An expensive one usually lasts longer and fits better. A cheap one will fit awkwardly and won’t last as long. But they usually work fine in the meantime. Read the reviews before buying.
    If you have 45GB out of 160GB free, then that is plenty. I’d only worry if you had less then 10GB free.
    Don’t go out for conferences much any more. And then usually it is the West.

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