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MacBook won’t turn on

Hey Gary.
I am a student. Because we still have Vacations, I turned my MacBook on, launched my Applications (Safari, Nambu, Skype) and then closed it to go Eating with my family. When I came home, I typed in my Password and nothing happend. So I shut him down via the Power Button. I tried to boot it up again. It takes a while to get to the Apple Logo, and then it shows a kind of “NO!” Symbol ( googled and found the Option-Command-P-R Thing, but it gets Stuck and even with the Power Button, the MacBook WON’T TURN OFF!
Could you please Help me`?

— Mathias

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    10 years ago

    Hardware failure of some sort. Maybe the hard drive. Nothing to do but to take it into a shop to have it fixed.

      10 years ago

      ARE YOU SERIOUS?!? This is not even a Year old – looks like I will never get an Apple Computer again. Just TROUBLE EVERY TIME!

        10 years ago

        If it is a hard drive failure — or any hardware failure — it could happen to any computer, whether it is a Mac or PC. Macs are essentially the same when it comes to drives, the processors, video chips, etc. The same or similar parts can be found in any PC.
        The good news is that if it isn’t yet a year old that you are still covered by the default warranty (AppleCare) that came with your Mac. And if you live near an Apple Store you can take it to the Genius Bar right away and get a fix going. They may even reach over the counter and hand you a new MacBook. That happens sometimes.

    10 years ago

    Chill, if it is less than a year old, they will fix it free of charge!

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