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I currently want to get the base Mackbook with just upgrading the ram to 4GB and the hard drive to 500GB. Money is a factor. Portability is key to me (13″ is perfect). The price out the door is about $1325 (still lower then the base entry Macbook Pro). I just need the laptop for Word document (note taking in college) and PowerPoint presentation for work (on the go). Will this lowest entry in the MacBook line be good enough for my needs? Thanks again Gary for all your great advice! Also, does the white plastic get dirty that easy?

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— Edgar Duffy

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    7/20/10 @ 7:03 am

    It is hard to answer questions like this. I’ve got the 13-inch MacBook Pro because I like the aluminum case so much better, and it has a Firewire port and SD card slot.
    But why did you say that $1325 is still cheaper than the base MacBook Pro? You can get the 13-inch MacBook Pro for $1200. And that comes with 4GB of memory. Upgrade to a 500GB hard drive for $150 and it is just $25 more for the Pro.
    And if budget is a factor, then why upgrade the hard drive — you said it would be just for word processing and presentations.
    I’d compare the MacBook and 13-inch MacBook Pro carefully, side-by-side, by looking at the specs. I don’t know how well the plastic case holds up, but I do know the aluminum case is worth something.

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