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MagSafe is broken . . . now what?

Hey Gary,
I have a big problem. My MagSafe Contacts do not seem to work anymore. I have a late 09′ MacBook, still got Warranty. So, can I send it to an Apple Retailer or something and they will fix it for free or am I totally screwed now and have to pay money to get it done? (I am a german student and I tell you – Being a student in Germany is NOT Cheap)
Hope you answer soon, just got 3 Hours of Battery and do not have an iPhone or something :(

— Mathias Wegele

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    10 years ago

    If you still have a warranty, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Just contact Apple. This is what a warranty is for.

    8 years ago

    In Estonia this is a problem, the importer says that the MagSafe plug fail after few months is not a warranty case.
    But they have a new chargers, you can buy it or 85 €.
    It seems, this Macbook Pro was my last Mac.
    Pity…, the laptop is good.

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