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Hi Gary,
I have on snow leopard configured for my company’s exchange server.
Whenever my colleagues forwards me a mail, with images in it, I do not see any image in my mail. Just a place holder rectangle, and a blue question mark in the center. Right click and selecting “Download Image” does not have any effect.
When I check the same mail, in my web access, I can see the image in mail. I have checked setting “Show remote image in HTML” in my preference.


— Snehal

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    10 years ago

    There are two ways an image can be displayed in an email. The first is that it is that the image is on the Web, and an IMG tag appears in the HTML version of the email that points to it. The second is that the image is attached in the email.
    I can’t tell which method they are using. if the first, then perhaps they have the image behind some sort of firewall that they can see, but you can’t. If the second, then perhaps the images aren’t being attached properly, or at all, to the email. It is impossible for me to advise past that — you should have someone else (IT or Mac expert, maybe at an Apple Store?) take a look.

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