Forum Question: Mail is acting weird

for the past 3 days, my Mail is not receiving new mail, no matter how many times I click Get New Mail, quit, reopen…whatever. It was sending mails but today even the sending is not happening – the outbox is showing the in process mails and the spinning sign next to ‘Sen’t goes on and on.
I use imap and gmail.
Do I have to delete and relaunch the mailbox? If so, can you tell me a way of first protecting my smart mailboxes and my flagged mails as there are too many of the latter to remember and re-flag.

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    2/13/11 @ 5:49 pm

    I would try resetting your settings — password, etc. If that doesn’t work, then deleting your account and creating it again is a good option. Using IMAP all of the mail is really on the server anyway. It will sync up again once you re-create the account.

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