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Mail Message About ProxiMail

I started getting the following message when I turn on my Mac within the past few days. “Mail has disabled the following plug-ins:


Contact the makers of these plug-ins for versions that are compatible with Mail 4.3 and Message 4.3.”

I don’t remember downloading any updates for Mail. Can you tell me what it means? Thanks….

— Leonard Bryan

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    10 years ago

    ProxiMail is a plug-in for Mail that you either installed at some point, or it came with another program that you installed. Probably the later if you don’t remember installing it.
    It doesn’t work with Snow Leopard.
    To get rid of it, go to Library/Mail/Bundles — check both the one on your main hard drive level and the one in your user folder. Look for a Proxi file or folder there and remove it.

      9 years ago

      Thanks Gary. Did what you said and it is fixed. Yippee1

    Leonard Bryan
    10 years ago

    Thanks it was on the main drive Library/Mail/Bundles. After getting rid of the Proxi Folder it works fine now. Thanks a million for the quick response……..

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