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Mail not sending or receiving properly

I am running mac os X version 10.3.5 and I find that mail will download not all my mail and will not send from any of my mailboxes.
I have set up mail with my googlemail account my mobileme account and my yahoo accounts. all are set up as stp and I have set them up according to all the online help lines. I have had mail set up for many months now, and have been trying to fix this problem for a long time now off and on.
One thing that I have tried is changing the outgoing port number from the default to 587, but still no joy.
Hope that someone can help.

— Jim Harrison

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    10 years ago

    It all comes down to the settings on both the Mail prefs and the email services themselves. You have to check back and forth with each one and make sure they are perfect.
    If you are using OS X 10.3.5 (jaguar) then it is very out-of-date but should still work.
    The only thing I can suggest is to take it to the Genius Bar or have an expert come over and work with you to go over all the settings.

      Jim Harrison
      10 years ago

      Thanks for the prompt reply Gary.
      I have checked the settings I have used on my mac book for the same mail boxes and all seems ok. But my mac book is running Snow leopard.
      jim Harrison

        10 years ago

        Perhaps consider trashing all of your Mail settings and accounts on that older Mac and starting fresh.

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