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Mail Signatures in Reply


When I reply in mail (Version 4.3) I cannot see my signature on the mail reply

When I send the mail reply the signature is missing????

— Phillip Howarth

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    10 years ago

    Do you mean that the signature doesn’t appear while you are composing the reply?
    That could be a lot of things. Make sure you have a signature, obviously, and make sure it is set as the default. If you don’t, then you have to select one each time you compose an email.
    If you have more than one email account, note that you have to set a default for each account. It could be that you compose email using one account by default, and reply with another account (because that was where the email was sent to).
    There are other things it could be: if you are replying to a long email, it could be putting your signature at the bottom of the message, past the quoted text. See the “Place signature above quoted text” option.
    For more info, watch episode 227:

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