Forum Question: mail todo only gives one calendar option

when I try to create a todo in mail, It only gives one choice. It places the todo in ical under a mobile me calendar. If I delete that calendar it recreates it. I looked at my imac, and I can place my todo under any calendar in ical- ie I am not restricted. How can I set mail to do to give me the choice which calendar to set up? (Home or work,etc- not just mail to do under mobile me)

— Marcus

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    6/12/10 @ 11:15 am

    I’m not sure there is a way. Mail doesn’t see the multiple calendars, so it just adds it to the first (?) one. SO the solution would be to add to-do items with iCal, not with mail. Or, if you add them in Mail, then go into iCal later and set which calendar it is associated with.

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