Forum Question: Mail Vs Web-Based Mail

I can see the pro’s and cons of using both methods of mail management.

Question, If I use gmail through my mail application on my mac, when the mails download are they filling my hard drive or are they still web based?

I want to use mail as it is more versatile but I need to balance that with having unnecessary files on my mac.

p.s. excellent web site

— Chris

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    1/3/10 @ 8:39 am

    When using gmail through Mail, copies of the messages will be saved on your Mac, yes. They will be there as a “cache” if you are using IMAP, and as permanent copies if you are using POP. I recommend IMAP, especially if you plan to use the gmail interface occasionally as well.
    But they won’t be lots of files — they are all neatly put away in your Mail library. And they don’t take up much space, especially when compared to photos and music you might have already.
    Some people really like it this way — it provides a backup of sorts of your mail, and the ability for off-line viewing of your mail too.
    A quick look shows that my IMAP messages folder in Library/Mail is 1.3 gigs. And I have a ton of mail. About 50,000 messages in there.

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