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Make Mixtape with Tracks & Crossfading in Garageband

I’d like to use Garageband to make a mixtape that has the following:
1. songs crossfade into each other
2. can be exported into itunes with crossfades intact, and of course, the songs stay in the same order when i email the “mixtape” to a friend and they import into their itunes
3. is one seamless file, but, you can jump between tracks
(p.s. have you used djay on the mac? it would be cool if i could just make my mix in that software since it’s got one touch “mixing”, import into garageband to set my tracks and then take it into itunes, email it, etc.)

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    10 years ago

    That’s going to be tough to do. GarageBand is meant to handle a “song” not a group of songs. You can do it, but you will end up with one long file, not a collection of songs. You won’t be able to jump between tracks.
    You can set iTunes to cross-fade between tracks in the playback preferences.

    10 years ago

    hi, thanks for the reply. i was able to get in touch with tech support at apple even though i don’t own the program yet. they told me that i should be able to do it in a section of the program where you make podcasts. i’ve not tried it yet but once i have the software i’ll play with it and let you know.

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