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Can someone tell me how to convert a mp4 file & then burn it to a DVD which will then play on a dvd player? Thank-you in advance.
PS – Looking for some way to do this other than IDVD.

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    2/8/11 @ 2:07 pm

    What are you looking for that iDVD cannot do? The simplest way is probably to use iDVD because that is probably all you have on your Mac that can do it. You can purchase alternative DVD production software if you wish. But I’m not sure why you would need to if all you need to do is put one video on a DVD.
    You can even choose File, OneStep DVD from Movie to do it quickly. Not sure how it can get any easier than that.

    2/8/11 @ 3:11 pm

    Hi Gary,
    I guess I was just looking for faster options. I wasn’t aware of one step which I just did & it worked good. For some reason before I had 3 short video’s, 20, 9 7 5 minutes I wanted on a single DVD & the rendering time was over 3 hours. Since I’m trying to make about a dozen copies, I was looking for a faster solution.

    I did try a program called burn & it created a DVD in about 3 minutes in a format called UDF. It works great on a computer, but will not play on a DVD. Thanks for the advice Gary.

      2/8/11 @ 3:22 pm

      The first time you “render” a DVD is has to convert the video to the right format. That’s what probably took 3 hours. But if you wanted to then make a second or third copy, it wouldn’t have to do the rendering again. It would just burn it.

    2/8/11 @ 3:29 pm

    Thats good to know… Thank-you. One other quick question. On the one step from movie option, can you set it up to burn more than one movie to the same DVD? Thanks in advance.

      2/8/11 @ 3:37 pm

      Well if you are going to have more than one movie, then you must have a menu of some sort. The quickest way is to use the Magic iDVD option in the iDVD File menu.

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