Forum Question: Merging two videos in iMovie?

Hello all, I have two videos that I need to make into one. One of the videos has a graph running horizontally across the bottom fifth of it which I need to put underneath the bottom of the other video. I tried using picture in picture and then stretching it over the top 4/5ths of the other video but it scales the video when stretching so it won’t cover the whole width if the video underneath. Any ideas please?

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    2/23/11 @ 7:38 am

    Picture-in-picture only works well if the two videos are the same screen ratio. It won’t do what you want.
    You will have to go to pro software to do this. Not sure if Final Cut Express will do it, so maybe Final Cut Pro?
    If this is a one-time thing you need done you may want to farm it out to a professional video editor instead of investing in the software (and time to learn the software).

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