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Mid 2010 MBP Core i7 upgrade concerns with Lion 10.7?

I’d like to upgrade my Mid 2010 Core i7 MBP to Lion, but I’m very concerned about comments regarding black screens, the inability to wake from sleep, external monitor issues & kernel panics possibly caused by Nvidia drivers? I use the MBP on the desk attached to an Apple Cinema display. Is Apple going to address some of the current issues or are we stuck with a non-upgradeable machine? Please help!
Tom Krause

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    10 years ago

    I don’t have a response for you there. I haven’t had any problems with Lion on any of the Macs I’ve installed it on, including a MBP 2010 (13-inch, though).
    I haven’t heard much of those problems you have mentioned. I’m sure they are on a small minority of systems. And I also know that Apple has already come out with a version 10.7.1 of Lion, so they are addressing bugs.
    Why not just do a good backup (of course) and upgrade to see. Then, you could always have the fall-back of re-installing Snow Leopard if things go wrong. That will take some time, but you probably won’t need to do it.

    10 years ago

    I took your advice and installed Lion. Works great, lot’s of cool new features…… Thank!

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