Forum Question: Migrating to a Non-Administrative Account

I have been considering setting up a non-administrative account as a simple security measure and the notion is now more on-my-mind thanks to the recent notice of a specific problem with Safari.

That said, I do not wish to have to recreate all my settings, preferences, etc. in the new non-administrative account. I have spent considerable time getting my 1-year old iMac the way I like it.

Is there a way to copy/clone my administrative account into a non-administrative one?

— forkboy1965

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    5/12/10 @ 9:46 am

    Are you talking about the Safari problem reported today? That’s for Windows — not Mac.
    If you really want to do this, just create a new Admin account. Then go to your current account and change it to non-admin. No need to migrate at all.
    But I don’t recommend this. Non-admin accounts are a pain to deal with if you are the real one-and-only user of the Mac. And I don’t see how they would help you in case of a future exploit. You still have to confirm softwae installations in an admin account.
    The only real use for non-admin accounts are if the computer is in a public place like a classroom, workstation, etc.

    5/12/10 @ 10:19 am

    Yes, it was the report out today. I noticed they said it wasn’t necessarily a Mac issue, but they didn’t rule it out completely either.

    I am the only one using my Mac and I believe I’m rather safe in my browsing and e-mail habits, but I think it pays to be as conservative as possible in these matters.

    That said, I’ll forgo such for now at your suggestion. No point in going against the expert after all!

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