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I’m going to buy one of the new MacBook Pros to replace my first-generation machine. Migration Assistant will be a major player in the move. What to migrate? Obviously I want 95% of my applications. Obviously I want my Documents and Web Receipts folders. Obviously I want my music library and Aperture library. But I have no idea about preventing the “ghosts and goblins” that have accumulated in the old machine over the years from coming over. For example, my quirky System Preferences which lock up the first time I access them but work fine after a Force Quit. For example, the no doubt many things that are slowing down my computer due to ill advised installations and processes I’ve performed.

What is an “ideal migration” and what are the strategies to prevent the bad coming with the good?

— John Russell

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    4/13/10 @ 10:51 pm

    The idea thing would be to migrate it all. But I’ve never seen “ghosts and goblins” like you describe.
    I guess you could try the full migration, and then try to clean up issues, if any, after that. Or you could try only documents and applications and then bring over preferences later if you really need them — or not at all.

    John Russell
    4/14/10 @ 3:47 pm

    A followup: When a user chooses to migrate the applications, does that strictly migrate only things in the Applications folder (the applications proper), or does it somehow find all the auxiliary files and docs that go into the Library folder and other places I’m unaware of, and move them over, too?
    Thanks again.

      4/15/10 @ 10:40 am

      I doesn’t do the docs, but it might do the preferences and support files. Not 100% sure.

    8/8/10 @ 11:42 pm

    just an FYI – I just did a migration of my applications and files inside the library (outside the main app folder) also migrated so I could use the app immediately.

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