Forum Question: Misquoting anglo american daily prices

[In the iPhone Stocks app] Anglo American shares are (now) 2.553, yet the daily share price shows 11.5! In my wildest dreams ! The weekly chart shows steady decline yet the share price has risen all week however the weekly share price is correct at 2.553. monthly/ 3 monthly seems OK. Am I missunderstanding soemthing or is the wrong share price getting pulled into the AAL.L data screen ? Been like it for months-

— neil mathews

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    9/20/10 @ 8:50 am

    I believe those prices are pulled from Yahoo Finance. So I would check there to see what Yahoo says about it. The app itself isn’t doing anything but querying Yahoo’s database and showing you the results.
    When I checked both Yahoo Finance and the stock on my iPhone in the Stocks app, I came up with 2.553. Perhaps it is a currency issue? Maybe you are seeing the price in something besides dollars?
    If you are really interested in stocks I would dump the super-simple Stocks app that comes with your iPhone and go with the one of dozens (hundreds?) of third-party stocks apps that have much more functionality.

    neil mathews
    9/21/10 @ 4:23 am

    Point taken re sophiostication, but it is the apparent technical glitch that I find curious. The iPhone stocks Icon for AAL.L (anglo american) displays 11.5 for the daily spot check price, (actually at 1473 right now) which is wrong data, and 2558 on the weekly graph which is correct. Data on the yahoo finance is correct on daily/ weekly/ monthly options. Still do not understand why. Other shares prices on iPhone stocks icon appear correctly. Anglo american share dtaa(daily prices) is wrong !

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