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“Missing Plug-in” error when trying to open journals at Ebsco

Hi- Running Mac OS x 10.6.8 – Safari. I have only recently began having this issue – opening a journal (which I think is PDF)from Ebsco journal base through my University, and Vic State Library web sites. I figure as it is both web sites that it is a specific plugin in that Ebsco requires and I am emailing them as well, but thought I would try here first. Reason I am here first is that about 6 weeks ago I removed (or thought I did) conduit from ‘library-support..’of my system to deal with the ‘community tool bar error’ which was popping up every time I open Safari – it worked – no more error – strange though as now I look in Library, conduit is there and I am sure I removed it – but the question is, could I have removed the ‘missing plugin’ that I now need, when I did what ever I did back then, as I did not have this problem approx 6-8 weeks ago – many thanks for any tips on this

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    10 years ago

    Not sure if this is related to how you removed the files from your Library.
    When you get the “Missing Plugin” error, what happens when you click on it? Does it give you any information about which plug-in is missing?
    If not, I would contact the site and find out which plug-in you need to view their stuff.
    You can go to Help, Installed Plug-Ins to see which ones you have now.

    Kaye Misuraca
    10 years ago

    Many thanks Gary –

    The “Missing Plugin” error is a spinning error in the middle of screen – ok and now I have clicked on and it seems I need Adobe Reader – wouldn’t I have had that before??? and how could it just disappear? How very strange!

    My young son just told me that he lost Adobe suddenly lost it of his Ipod – have you heard of this happening before?

    I removed the Conduit file from Library – Application Support – Conduit and just now realise that I did move it from the the root directory as when I went back to my backup of March it was there. So I have reinstalled it (and luckily the ‘community tool bar error’ has not returned)

    Anyway Many thanks for your help

    This is a great forum – especially for one like me with little mac experience.
    I am sure I will return to challenge your brain again:)

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