Forum Question: Mobile Me and Apple Id mis-synced?

Hi Gary, I really need some help with mobileme/apple id, because I’ve messed up somewhere and can’t pinpoint where to correct it.
I have an apple id, which is what my iphone also is linked to and my appstore downloads etc have been through it’s account.
I had registered for mobileme few months back. When free trial was ending, I (stupidly) decided not to renew it and deleted the subscription.
Now good sense has prevailed and I retried MobileMe. It obviously didn’t log in through the old account so I created afresh and now have a new id.
Problem is, as I said in a previous post, that Itunes is recognising the existing apple id and anytime I try to sync calendars it threatens to delete existing apps. You said it’s a mis-sync between the accounts and it probably is.
How do I correct this? I get confused between .mac and .me so I’m thoroughly clueless. I basically need to activate ‘Find My Phone’ and have mobileme, apple, iphone, mac everything on the same wavelength.

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    5/9/11 @ 6:48 am

    It sounds like you can benefit from some first-hand help. It is very hard to explain this in a post.
    There are many separate things: Your MobileMe account, your Apple ID, and your Mac’s user account. The first is a paid subscription to MobileMe. The second is your free user ID and account with Apple that lets you buy apps and music. The third is simply the account you created on your Mac that you log into and sync with.
    Your MobileMe account and Apple ID account could be the same email address. Or they could be different. Depends on how you set it up.
    So you could be dealing with having set up an Apple ID and purchased apps using that ID, and now that ID is gone — if it was your old MobileMe address that you deleted, then that may be the case.
    I would get on the phone with an Apple support person at iTunes and figure it out.

    5/9/11 @ 12:41 pm

    I did have same username for mobile me and apple id. My apple id is still the same, though I changed the password. The new mobile me id is syncing fine with contacts as well as Finding My Iphone now, since I posted the original message. Only problem is resolving why itunes is being so moody with the apple id, which I never changed. Will try Apple support, thanks!

    9/8/11 @ 5:53 am

    New Apple I’d and paswad need

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