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Mobile Me Calendar Sync in Lion

I have Lion now. Mobile Me sync no longer offers the option to sync iCal entries. All the other options are there – bookmarks, contacts, keychains, preferences, etc. But no box or entry for iCal (or any other calendar…) Lion is installed on my iMac but not my MBP. The MBP with SL syncs calendars fine. Suggestions?

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    10 years ago

    Are you looking in the MobileMe System Preferences pane? Check in the Mail, Contacts & Calendars System Preferences pane. Then select your MobileMe account.
    This is the new location where you control all of your online accounts for things like email, calendars, etc. You can add your POP, IMAP, Google, Yahoo, AOL, etc accounts to it.
    The MobileMe pane is still there for other non-standard things that MobileMe does like sync, Back To My Mac, etc.

    10 years ago

    Thanks Gary. Yes, I was looking in the Mobile Me Preferences pane. Did as you suggested in the “@” section of the System Preferences pane (under Internet and Wireless) and the box for Calendars and Reminders was already checked. I deselected it, and then reselected it. Calendar syncing is now restored. Odd – not sure why the on-off-on sequence worked, but it did. Thanks for the tip – you’re doing good work here and I appreciate it!

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