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This morning, I noticed that I was missing some of my mail folders in Mobile Me on my Mac. I opened Mobile Me on the browser and it was the same on the server… I have no idea what happened – but I have lost a lot of folders.
I do have a time machine backup at home – will I be able to restore my folders from there?
How do I backup my mail to avoid this situation in the future?

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    5/25/11 @ 3:04 pm

    I’d call MobileMe support. MobileMe is an IMAP-like mail solution, which means it is “in the cloud.” Your backup may hold a cache, but you most likely won’t be able to restore it. That will need to happen on the server.
    I’d call them and get to the bottom of it.
    In Mail on a Mac you can go to Mailbox, Archive Mailbox to save an archive at any time. But it isn’t a real backup — not automatic or daily.

    5/25/11 @ 4:26 pm

    Do you have Time Machine? You can use Time Machine in and see if and when the folders dissappeared and maybe even retrieve that data.

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