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MobileMe – Notes Syncing to MacBook Pro Mail Inbox

When I create a new note on my iPhone, MobileMe syncs it to my ‘Notes’ folder within Mail on my MacBook Pro, however it also shows in my Inbox. When I try deleting it from my Inbox it deletes it from the Notes folder.
I like to keep my inbox empty by filing my emails in folders. How can I remove all the Notes from my Inbox without deleting them from the Notes folder; and also stop new notes from showing in my Inbox?
Many thanks in advance. And thank you for providing invaluable help to us Mac newcomers through your podcasts and website.
Mary Frantzoulou (London)

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    9 years ago

    In Mail, go to Mail Preferences. Then Accounts. Choose your Mobile Me account. There will be 3 tabs. Choose the second, one, “Mailbox Behaviors.” Look for the checkbox “Show notes in Inbox.”
    Turning this off will keep your notes from appearing in your Inbox. They will still appear under Notes.

      Laura D.
      8 years ago

      Thank you, thank you, thank you for solving this very annoying problem! With a couple of different email accounts, I had notes all over the place. Ahh, much better now. :-)

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