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hi Gary.
i have recently started using ichat for my google account and my facebook account. and i do love it
but when i create any account there is the option of creating a mobileMe account.
whats the difference between mobileMe a/c and a a/c, as i have created a a/c ???? any extra features in mobileMe ichat account????


— Hassan

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    3/14/10 @ 4:12 pm

    A MobileMe account is the full thing: iDisk, email, calendar sync, photo galleries, iWeb site, etc. A free account is just for using iChat. There is no email or any other feature that is part of MobileMe. It is just an ID to use for iChat. I’m not sure if a MobileMe account is the same as a account as far as iChat is concerned, though. I don’t use iChat enough, and when I do, I am using my MobileMe ID.

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