Forum Question: Mouse Won’t Scroll

After months of only scrolling down, the standard mouse on my imac won’t scroll in any direction.
I did the upside down thing regularly but eventually nothing worked.
Is it possible to dis-assemble or is there some trick you know of?
Thank you.

— Bruce

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    3/10/10 @ 4:21 pm

    Which mouse is it? The new Magic Mouse, or the old Mighty Mouse? You can try cleaning the old Mighty Mouse. Compressed air is one way. I hated the old Mighty Mouse for this reason. I eventually stopped trying to use the scroll ball at all. I’m so glad this isn’t a problem with the Magic Mouse.

      John Rais
      3/15/10 @ 12:21 pm

      A surprisingly useful technique I discovered for cleaning the track ball on the old mighty mouse is to invert the mouse and roll the ball around on a regular pad of paper. I often will see a chunk of dirt left behind on the the paper. Hope this helps!

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