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MS Access Project Management

in windows i work with ms office 07 access what is analogous to this software in lepord so that i make my project management programe in it

— nova

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    11 years ago

    Not exactly sure what you are looking for. Access is a database program, right? But you said you want project management. A lot of people use OmniPlan for project management. But there are others. Search Apple’s database of software at for lots more.

      11 years ago

      i have got a programme for my transport company in access now that i have mac i would love to have the programme made in leopard what should i use instead of access

        11 years ago

        I’m not familiar enough with Access to know. It is a database program, and there are lots of those. Most are online now, aren’t they? Not something you access in a dedicated application?
        FileMaker is a big one that is cross-platform. But if a database is specific to Access then you may not be able to use it on anything by Access. I hear OpenOffice supports databases, but I don’t know if you can go back-and-forth.

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