Forum Question: Multiperson iChat with computer to computer network

We have three 2010 MBP 13″ and would like to ‘conference’ chat in ichat using computer to computer wifi network.
But the connection doctor in iChats informs us that we can’t host a multiperson ichat. But at home with the home wifi network we can…
Are the laptops not powerfull enough?

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    5/14/11 @ 8:43 am

    It wouldn’t be the MacBooks that are not powerful enough. It would be the network. It may be that there is not enough speed on the network to support three people chatting at the same time. (I assume you mean video chat, right?)
    I’m not sure of the details as I have never tried to do this on a single wifi network. Perhaps it is a basic restriction in how iChat works — that you can’t have more than 2 people on the same network in a chat. No way of knowing.
    If you are really curious, you could try contacting Apple and asking. There is an iChat discussion page at Apple and you could always stop by the Genius Bar.

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