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Multiple Airport Express Installations

Is it possible to install multiple Airport Express devices in different parts of the house (each will have their own unique names and passwords)? Of course each would have USB speakers attached. If so, I would like to play a different iTunes play list on each via AirPlay. Is all of this possible?

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    10 years ago

    Yes, you can have multiple Airport Expresses on your network.
    However, iTunes can only play one song at a time. So if you have one Mac and nothing else, then you can only play that song over one or more Express at a time.
    I suppose that if you have multiple Macs (or iOS devices with AirPlay) on your network, that one Mac could play to one Express, and another to another Express. I have never tried it, though. At some point there might be too much data moving through your network. But maybe that wouldn’t happen until you started using AirPlay with video streams.

    Mr Anthony Cotton
    10 years ago

    I am not very technical (I am sick of saying this) but is Airport built into the hub,and i can connect my other computer(Mac Mini) to the internet through this device. I think i will have to pay extra money to my ISP. Gary

      10 years ago

      The term “Airport” is used in a few ways. Apple has two products: “Airport Extreme” and “Airport Express” that are base station wifi devices. You would hook these us to your modem (DSL or Cable) to create a wifi network. However, you can also buy wifi base stations from many other companies, you don’t need to use Apple’s products, though they are nice.
      “Airport” has also been used in the past to describe the wifi connection in your Mac. But nowadays OS X just says “wifi” like everyone else.
      You shouldn’t have to pay your ISP anything — this is hardware that you install in your home.
      Yes, once you have it connected to your modem, you should then be able to connect many devices (Macs, PCs, iPhones, iPads, Apple TV, Xbox — anything that uses wifi) to it.

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