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multiple worksheets in excel vs in numbers

The subject line is probably truly not what I need to know. I want to enter all of my personal expenses for the year, using my receipts. I put them into Description in B2, categories in B3, Total in B4.
I want to have Jan, Feb, Mar . . . in other words each month shown together.
I started a table in Numbers, but so not like the feature of having to use option downarrow to insert a row, too time consuming.
Should I start an individual file for each month? If so, how can I get a GRAND TOTAL of all the categories in each file? I would try to keep the names of the categories identical, by the way, if that is necessary.
Should I do a lot of tables in one file? Seems awkward. I used to do a new worksheet in Excel for each month, then I could add the cells from each worksheet for the grand total.
Can this be done in Numbers.
Thanks for any help. Have been on Mac since Nov, 2010.
Sallie Whiteford

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    9 years ago

    You can do it any way you wish. It is really a matter of personal preference.
    Myself, I would do it as one long table and keep it in a single table in a single sheet in a single document. Makes sense to me since all the data is related and have the same column headings.
    I would have a column for date, one for description, one for category and one for amount. Then I would have an occasional total in the next column for the month.
    Think of each row as a record in your database.

    Sallie Whiteford
    9 years ago

    Thanks Gary, will do that.

    Kathy Wagner
    8 years ago

    I have inventory set up on one set of tables so that I can email it to customers and a second set of tables to subtract orders out of inventory. I need to email to other customers what is left but do not want to email all of the calculation sheets do you have any ideas?

      8 years ago

      Print that section of the spreadsheet as a PDF. Send them the PDF.

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