Forum Question: Multiply iTunes 10 libraries?

I have iTunes 10. And I have 2 music-librares sources. My small internal 120GB SSD and my huge External harddrive. How do I create multiply libraries?

I mean, I want a submenu when clicking on “Music” in the iTunes sidebar where I can choose my libraries. But that feature do not exist.

On my first library with my SSD, I do want music to copies to the iTunes media folder when drag new media. But on my second library I don’t ant have this feature enabled.

How do I solve my problem?…

— jonas

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    9/26/10 @ 7:16 am

    You can’t view two libraries at the same time. What you want is one library. You can do that and still have some music on one drive and some music on another. Just set iTunes to not organize and copy the music for you, and then you can organize the files as you want (some on each drive) and then drag and drop them into iTunes to makes them all appear in one library instead of two.
    I’d use the library for your internal drive. Set it to no longer copy or organize. Then drag and drop the external Music folder into iTunes to add those songs.
    See episode 372:

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