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My 250GB HD Is Becoming an Issue

I have a MacBook Pro (Mid 2015) and space has become an issue… I do have iCloud but with being in an RV, internet is far from good… So I need to free up some space… iMovie is taking up most of this space… IS there a way to backup iMovie files and then delete them? I do see that a previous Time Machine Backup has the iMovie folder iMovie Library.imovielibrary… The Question becomes, if I back them up and then delete from my Mac, will the next backup remove them… Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated…

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    2 years ago

    How about getting another external drive to archive old projects? Then take your iMovie Library and move it there. Start a new empty iMovie Library on your local drive for your next project. In general, create a new iMovie Library for every project so you can archive them easily when you are done. A one project = one library rule, since you have such a tiny hard drive.

    The next backup will not remove these, though. Backups wouldn't be worth anything if they simply removed old files. The whole point is to have a backup of those files in case you deleted them and want them back. It will remove VERSIONS of those files. So if it has 10 different versions of your iMovie Library saved over the last 10 weeks, it will cull those and eventually have just the last version before you removed it from the drive. But that will take time.

    If your Time Machine backup is also full, then maybe time to get a larger backup drive too. Not sure what size you have now, but maybe get a new larger backup drive and repurpose your current backup drive as that archive drive for old iMovie Libraries.

    Remember this for your next Mac. Don't get the drive size you think you need now, get the drive size you think you need in 5-8 years. Then double that. No one every complains to me that they bought "too big of a hard drive" but I hear "too small" several times each week.

    Claudio Silvaggi
    2 years ago

    Thanks brother, that is very informative... I know its about time to upgrade my 2015...

    Much appreciated...

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